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Created: Friday, February 08, 2019
Latest Update: Friday, February 08, 2019

Due to local security restrictions, some things will not work locally.
Everything will work once the files have been uploaded to a Webserver.

  1. Basic Installation
  2. Importing Dummy Data
  3. Pages
  4. Post/Categories
  5. Woocommerce
  6. Mega Menu
  7. Testimonials
  8. Contact
  9. Theme Options
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Sources and Credits
  12. Updates

1. Basic Installation top

If you are facing issue regrading failure of theme installation or demo content installation make sure you followed first thing that you are uploading only theme files as full package contains documentation etc. For failure issues increase limit for following variables of your web server or localhost if you are installing it on local machine as:

  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time
  • memory_limit
  • upload_max_filesize

You can directly paste theme files under wp-content/themes directory via FTP account of your WebServer.

Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error

Here is the fix for it:

All above steps are required in case of failure else enjoy installation.

How To Install BoShop Multipurpose WP Theme.

  • Click on Appearance-->Themes
  • Then Click On upload To upload your theme
  • Choose theme zip file to upload.
  • After Uploading Theme zip file Click On Install now button

When theme is uploaded click on activate to activate BoShop Multipurpose WP Theme.

Plugins Activation

After activation of theme you will see notification at the top of the page. Begin installation of plugins.

Here just click on install under the plugin name to install and activate plugin.

After plugin successfully installed just click on"return to required plugin installer" to go back to plugin installer..

2. Importing Dummy Data top

PLEASE make sure for product related dummy data, you will find demo file in installed Woocommerce folder under plugins.

For users ease we added each sections individual demo files like separate for pages & posts etc. You need to upload them individually.

All data is divided into small chunks and a complete package as well. If your server max execution time and upload size is more then you can import complete package.

Else it is better to import small chunks individually, after small data chunks if images are missed then import media as well else it is not necessary.

Step 1:

Go to tools section and click on import and then just click on WordPress it will lead you to import plugin

Step 2:

Just click on install now button to install importer plugin.

Step 3:

Click on Activate & Run importer to activate and run importer..

Step 4:

Click choose file button and select ".xml" file from theme folder. After Choosing the file click on file uploader and import.

Step 5:

You Have to do 2 things,

  • 1- Select Admin as an existing user.
  • 2- Check Download and import file attachment Box.
  • then simply click on submit button.

Have Fun!

Don't forget! Do not forget to select the home page under Setting -> Reading -> Static Page.

Save pages & posts if data won't appeared!

After importing content please remove the default widgets and add theme own widgets to look like the same. If images are missed then you can check feature images or relevant elements.

Do not forgot to save Theme Options.

Error Uploading Theme

If you are facing any error to upload the theme files just copy the theme files & paste in themes directory. After that you can activate it under Appearance --> Themes.

3. Pages top

BoShop Multipurpose support 2 kinds of page templates as listed below:

  • Default Page

  • Contact Page

Default Page:

Default page layout is simple WordPress page layout with some of extra custom fields for banner & footer area and you can choose to display page content in full width layout or with enclose in grid container. Here you can create any desired layout using theme Visual Composer.

Header Options:-

  • You ca choose b/w 2 different header types. You can set different header for each page, post & category.

Banner Options:-

  • Hide: You can completely get rid of banner area.
  • Breadcrumb: Use to display a breadcrumb with page title and other simple homepage link.
  • Banner: A simple image with heading/text.
  • Carousel: Same layout as simple banner but in caruosel mode.

Page Layout:-

Choose too select your page layout full width or grid with container from right side of the page, for visual composer use fullwidth layout.

Contact Page:

This template is relevant to contact pages only, select contact page template from right side of the page.

You can input all relevant data regarding map etc. on page, set your map position & can be hide whole map area if you need to display banner.

If changing template, contact fields does not show up then save change your page and simple reload it in your browser.

4. Post/Categories top

Posts are default WordPress posts with some basic things like page title, content, feature image , category selection & header options as explained in top default page template options nothing logical.

For categories you have multiple options, where you can select your each category page layout. See the below screenshot:

6. Woocommerce top

Please install woocommerce plugin for products, you can manage your woocommerce setting under theme options. You can set number of products to display
and set shop & shop single pages layout. All filters or other data in sidebar can be managed under Appearance -> Widgets.

Install demo content from woocommerce installed folder and you'll see how products works.

7. Mega Menu top

For mega menu we are using 3rd party mega menu plugin:

If you have any kind of issue regarding using of menu then you can visit relevant website for detailed help:

8. Testimonials top

Nothing fancy about these two section except some self explanatory fields. You can choose to select layout for these while inserting them into your page via Visual Composer. See below screenshots:

If you create as many groups to differentiate testimonials on different pages.

9. Contact top

You can install any plugin for contact form but contact form 7 is recommended. For detail please scroll to top & look into pages and then contact template for more details as it is explained above.

How to add placeholder inside the form fields like demo, you can do it by following this like


10. Theme Options top

All theme options are self-explanatory, you can use any option to override the default values.

For social icons you can leave empty them if you don't need them. Importing & exporting of the options is explained above in demo installation.

11. Miscellaneous top

For icons you can select icons form HERE .

Other list of icons are here:

            .flaticon-horizontal-grid-layout-interface-symbol:before { content: "\f100"; }
            .flaticon-four-grid-layout-design-interface-symbol:before { content: "\f101"; }
            .flaticon-interface:before { content: "\f102"; }
            .flaticon-signs:before { content: "\f103"; }
            .flaticon-list:before { content: "\f104"; }
            .flaticon-headphone:before { content: "\f105"; }
            .flaticon-support-1:before { content: "\f106"; }
            .flaticon-box-1:before { content: "\f107"; }
            .flaticon-box:before { content: "\f108"; }
            .flaticon-credit-card:before { content: "\f109"; }
            .flaticon-support:before { content: "\f10a"; }
            .flaticon-shipped:before { content: "\f10b"; }
            .flaticon-startup:before { content: "\f10c"; }
            .flaticon-shirt:before { content: "\f10d"; }
            .flaticon-jacket:before { content: "\f10e"; }
            .flaticon-suit-and-tie-outfit:before { content: "\f10f"; }
            .flaticon-lab-coat:before { content: "\f110"; }
            .flaticon-new-sewing-machine:before { content: "\f111"; }
            .flaticon-stylist:before { content: "\f112"; }
            .flaticon-needle-with-thread-to-sew-clothes:before { content: "\f113"; }
            .flaticon-sewing-machine:before { content: "\f114"; }
            .flaticon-measuring-tape:before { content: "\f115"; }

Installed Plugins:

  • Currency Switcher for WooCommerce By Algoritmika Ltd
  • Instagram Feed By Smash Balloon
  • Max Mega Menu By
  • ShareIt! Social Buttons By DefThemes
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist By YITH

13. Updates top

IMPORTANT: Create a backup of your project before any update.
It's highly recommended to create your own css/js files if you make changes.

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